Re:    As Darwin's champions you are missing the most important point
Date:  Sunday 9 April 06

Dear Editors,
You never tire of championing Darwin's theory of evolution against harebrained creationists (A missing evolutionary link), but you fail to recognize what are by far its most important implications: the fact that our modern economy and way of life are deeply rooted in our own animal origins and behavior, which, naturally enough, free-market Capitalism has developed and been honed to exploit (which is why, of course, in some ways, it works so well).

We are as reluctant to question the "holy scripture" of conventional economic wisdom, as creationists are to question the holy Bible, because doing so would undermine our religiously held belief (and vested interests) in an economy and way of life which we are totally immersed in and completely dependent on.

However, we cannot even begin to solve the problem of achieving sustainability (including global warming) for 7-9 billion! people on our finite and vulnerable planet until we do.


Links: Concerning the root causes of non-sustainable human activity on our finite and vulnerable planet, Spaceship Earth.