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: Concorde: a supreme example of non-sustainable Anglo-French folly
Date: Sat, 21 July 2001


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Dear Sir/Madam

I agree with Chris Longhurst’s comments in Friday’s Feedback section, that putting Concorde back in the air for commercial service is an incredible (I would say, criminal) waste of time and effort (Feedback: Not worth it, 20 July 2001; Concorde flies again one year after crash,18 July 2001).

Holding Concorde up proudly as a supreme example of Anglo-French achievement is in fact a supreme example of human arrogance and folly, for it points us in the very opposite direction in which – if we care about our children and coming generations –  we need to be going.

While I can understand people’s fascination with Concorde – its beauty and technical achievement – , and the attachment of those who have devoted so much of their lives to it, it is high time we also recognised it as the embodiment of the non-sustainable attitudes and aspirations which are leading us towards climatic and ecological disaster.

Technically and aesthetically Concorde was a remarkable achievement – no doubt about it.  But we will only be able to give the plane itself, and those responsible for building it, an honourable place in history, if we now recognise and accept, and begin changing the mistaken values and aspirations upon which it’s development and operation were based.