To:    Guardian CiF
Ban Ki-moon's MADNESS
Date: Tuesday  10 July   07


In response to an article by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, encouraging mass migration

Link to article and thread at The Guardian.

One day, hopefully soon, Ban Ki-moon's views will be recognized for the utter MADNESS they are, which can only lead (is leading) us towards environmental, social and economic catastrophes on an unprecedented scale.

Firstly, the global economy which is driving all this migration is INHERENTLY unsustainable (I explain why on my homepage at http://www.spaceship-earth.org ).

At the moment, material prosperity (or the hope of it) is keeping native and immigrant populations from each others throats. But when the economy goes into steep decline, as, being inherently unsustainable, it is bound to do, there will be massive unrest, which will lead inexorably to ethnic conflict, as people do what comes naturally to them, seeking support and refuge with their own kind and in their own communities. Governments will tell us that we are all "British", "French", or whatever, that we belong and must stick together, but we won't, because deep down we know it's a LIE (we do not "be-long" together), designed to facilitate the short-sighted political and economic opportunism (disguised in the high moral tones of a "shared global humanity" and the like) that drives not just migration, but also the gross materialism that is causing us to plunder and spoil our planet (which is what makes the economy inherently unsustainable).

Western business and governments encourage immigration in order to exploit the cheap labour it brings into the country, or the "moral high ground" (and advantages which go with it) that comes with asylum seekers, while immigrants come to exploit the much higher living standards available to them in the West, without having to go to the all trouble of creating their own back home. Why bother even trying to create a prosperous society in Africa or wherever, when you can walk straight into one in Europe or North America?

What the world urgently needs is "sustainable societies", but what Ban Ki-moon is encouraging is the rush of people to join the materially most prosperous and unsustainable societies, which can only have disasterous consequences.

For more of my views on the MADNESS of mass immigration and the "melting pot" of "multi-mass society" go to http://www.spaceship-earth.org/Letters/Editor/Index-non-pc.htm