To:    Guardian CiF
All we need do is identify and organize ourselves - and the revolution can begin!
Date: Monday 25 June  07


In response to Roy Hattersley's article, "The rich must be penalised" lamenting the unequal distribution of wealth in British society

Link to article and thread at The Guardian.

In respect to wealth, it is not equality we should be concerned about, but proportionality and justness. Does one person, for example, deserve twice the income of another? To judge that you need to know what they both contribute to society.

Whether or not an individual's wealth and income are proportionate and just,  in view of their contribution to society, is what we should be asking, but we have a culture, deeply rooted in our animal nature, with a long and "noble" history, and embraced by the vast majority of the population, that makes asking such questions taboo. Many do not even know what good friends and family earn or are worth; if they asked it would be considered extremely rude and they would probably be told to mind their own business.

Is the wealth and income of any member of the British Royal Family proportionate and just? Hardly. And they (have always) set the trend. Which is probably why, back in the 17th Century and through to today, Parliamentarians choose to hang on to it, because the values it stands for suits them, and everyone else with a disproportionate and unjust share of national wealth.

There is no point in penalizing the wealthy (disproportionately and unjustly rich), so long as WE continue to embrace the socio-economic order, necessarily with the values and attitudes it is based on, that produces them.

Instead of just moaning and complaining about the situation (notwithstanding that political commentators make a living from doing just that), why, now that we have the freedom and the means, e.g. the Internet and biometrics (to combat identity deception), do we not simply set about changing it, i.e. creating an alternative socio-economic order, based on very different values and attitudes?

All we need do is identify and organize ourselves - and the revolution can begin . . . . . !